Get your dedicated server with premium features, blazing-fast performance and great value-for-money when you host with the leading service provider in India.

Get dedicated servers with reliable networking, dependable service and superior performance when you host with us. Our premium server and networking hardware use the latest Intel Xeon server processors and SSD-based storage to offer the best speeds for your websites and web applications. Our world class datacenters are located in the U.S. strategically, to offer the best experience for your visitors from any location in the world. You get complete administrative control of your server to manage it as you please. You can completely customize your server resources and manage your security by blocking certain IPs should you choose to. We also include robust security features like customizable firewalls, DDoS and malware protection to secure your server from any unwanted intruders.

With a dedicated hosting service, a complete server is dedicated or allotted for your exclusive use. Thus server resources (CPU, RAM, Disk space, etc.) are not shared at all unlike VPS or shared hosting options. This gives you the most control and the best performance amongst all other hosting options. Our dedicated hosting also provides you with an exclusive network connection, so your online services are unaffected by any other user. Our dedicated customer care agents in India are available to assist you 24x7 via phone, chat and email, at any time you need help. Connect with us to learn more about our dedicated server features or to get assistance with choosing the right options for your business. Please to view our dedicated hosting plans in India.

Our Key Features:

  • Linux and Windows server operating systems to choose from, to get complete compatibility with the web applications you choose to use.
  • Fully managed services including 24x7 server monitoring along with performing regular upgrades and updates on the server to give you the latest software for optimized performance.
  • cPanel and Plesk control panels with Linux and Windows dedicated servers respectively, to give you complete administrative control of your server, over an easy-to-use remotely accessible interface.
  • Robust security features including customizable firewalls, DDoS and malware protection to keep unwanted intruders at bay at protect your valuable data.
  • 24x7 dedicated customer care to assist you with all your needs at any time.