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Keep access to your digital wallet wherever you go with our cloud storage at your fingertips. Store your files, documents, media, etc., online and access it from any location without carrying them around with you physically. Our cloud storage services offer complete security along with backups, so your valuable information is never lost, always available and kept secure all at the same time. You can easily access your files, modify them and even sync them from different devices to keep all your work together. We also include file sharing services so you can easily share your business data amongst your employees.

With our cloud storage your business can reduce physical storage, get rid of tedious and complex database management tasks, save power and reduce data footprint all while gaining flexibility of accessing your business data at your fingertips and saving costs with our low rates in India. Get the cloud storage services that contribute directly to your core business objective. As a leading web hosting solutions provider in India, and over 35,000 clients globally we understand customer’s requirements more than any other company. Our cloud storage service offers a holistic solution to your company’s needs.

Our Key Features:

  • Customized Load Balancing across our cloud servers to distribute workload and prevent overload, thus greatly improving performance.
  • We offer fully managed cloud hosting services with 24x7 monitoring.
  • Offer files and other web services to your end-users over our incredbily fast cloud CDN network.
  • We use the latest server and networking hardware together with our top performing SAN framework.
  • 24x7 friendly customer service to assist you at any time you need help.

Don’t risk your valuable business data with any service provider claiming to offer free service, like Dropbox, Google drive, etc., your data is not kept secure with them, and they offer very meager storage for free knowing fully well your business will require to pay them more for additional storage. Furthermore, their services are limited to accessing all your data through an unsecured internet connection. Our friendly customer service agents in India are available 24x7, via phone, chat and email to assist you with all your needs. Connect with us today to learn more about our cloud storage features or to get assistance in choosing the right options for your business. Please to view our cloud storage plans in India.