Get flexible and economical cloud storage from the top cloud service provider in India.

We offer the best cloud storage options at the most economical rates in India. With our cloud storage services, you can access, manage and store your data from any global location. We use the best-in-class server and networking hardware in our premium datacenters located in the U.S., to offer blazing-fast performance along with great reliability. You can manage, archive and distribute ample data over the internet using our cloud storage service. You retain complete control of your data to use it any way you want, and choose how your end-users can access and acquire selective data.

Our advanced data management technology intelligently optimizes the overall efficiency of storage so that even your unstructured data can be smoothly routed to the right storage system. Our premium datacenters are strategically located in the U.S, to offer full integration of a global CDN, which allows you to access and transfer your data from anywhere and at any time, including the option to clone all your data. Our powerful indexing and tagging attributes allow you to assign metadata tags so that you can easily search and find those objects when you require them.

Our Key Features:

  • Full administrative access to control, install and run any server OS and applications.
  • Flexible cloud solutions that allows you to pay for only what you use, with no long-term contracts.
  • Our fully managed service ensures your web space is always updated and upgraded with the latest version software at all times, to offer blazing-fast performance.
  • Robust security features along with military grade encryption to secure all your valuable data.
  • Friendly customer support provided 24x7, around-the-clock to assist you at any time.

We use RAID 10 configuration on all our servers to provide increased performance and ensure data protection with zero downtime. Also our storage centers are completely isolated from each other for further safety. Contact our friendly customer care agents at any time, they’re available 24x7 via phone, chat and email to assist you with any of your needs. You can connect with us to learn more about our cloud features and services, or to get assistance in choosing the right option for your business. Please to view all our cloud storage plans for India.