Experience reliable and secure ASP .Net web hosting at low affordable costs from a top web hosting solutions provider.

ASP (Active Server Pages) web hosting supports Microsoft technologies like ASP, Dot Net, MS-SQL, etc., which make it ideal for web developers, programmers and websites that depend on these specific technologies. ASP scripts are embedded within HTML pages and are executed on the server end and the result is displayed on the client or visitor’s browser. The greatest benefit of using ASP is to create dynamic websites and use databases, java and active X components. Our long experience in serving a wide range of diverse clients from all across the globe, allow us to offer low cost ASP hosting solutions with loads of free features. You get loads of unlimited features with your web hosting package, so you can focus on your websites without worrying about exceeding monthly usage caps.

Our Key Features:

  • You get complete administrative access via your free Plesk control panel to perform powerful and tedious tasks with ease, using its intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • With our fully managed services, we perform 24x7 server monitoring and maintenance, including performing software updates and upgrades, to always use the latest version software including ASP.Net and IIS with remote IIS management.
  • We provide robust security features including customizable firewalls, antispam, malware, antivirus and DDoS protection to protect your web space from any unwanted intruders.
  • 24x7 responsive customer service to serve you whenever you require assistance.
  • We offer a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We offer a wide range of web hosting services including VPS, shared, cloud, reseller and dedicated web hosting for you to choose from. Our robust security features and redundancy systems ensure that your mission critical data is safeguarded and protected at all costs. You get complete administrative access to your web space from your control panel, which can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

Your account is activated instantly upon payment, and you can start using your web space right away. Our responsive customer service agents are available 24x7 via email, phone or chat to assist you at any time you need help. Connect with us today to get more information on our features and services, or to get assistance with choosing the right hosting options for yourself. Please to view our top ASP web hosting packages.