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What is CloudFlare and how does it work?

CloudFlare is a website optimization technology that acts as a proxy between your visitors and our servers by caching your content and preventing malicious traffic from reaching it, by routing your traffic through their global network, thus improving your website’s security and performance. CloudFlare is included in all our hosting plans and can be easily activated from our control panel.

What are the benefits of CloudFlare?

CloudFlare can speed up your website, by caching static content on its servers and distributing them to website visitors so that it works even when your website is down. It also offers added security to your website as it blocks malicious traffic, thus pro actively speeding up your website for genuine traffic. You are alsoprovided with added security features like hot-linking protection, email harvesting protection, IP block by country, etc. According to CloudFlare’s own website, you could gain up to 30% increase in speed and use up to 60% less bandwidth. It also provides very detailed website traffic statistics.

Our CloudFlare Features:

  • High Priority Server Processing
  • Located across the globe in 23 data centers
  • Intelligent Threat Protection to prevent against malicious traffic
  • Security and Performance Stats provided daily
  • Asynchronous JavaScript Loading for performance increase
  • SSL (HTTPS) Support
  • Page Specific Rules
  • Image Size Optimization

You can easily manage CloudFlare for all your domains by logging into our control panel and modifying settings from there. CloudFlare also has an extensive support network of its own which provides a Wiki, FAQ and knowledge base along with support via email on their website, you can visit their website for more information. CloudFlare has strategically selected 23 datacenters around the globe including Hong Kong, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Jose, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Singapore, London, Miami, Sydney, Atlanta, Frankfurt, Seattle, Toronto, Warsaw, Prague, Vienna and Seoul as they're the largest hubs for Internet traffic in the world. Get all the CloudFlare features included for free with your plan by signing up with us. Contact our friendly customer service, available 24x7 via phone, chat or email to get started immediately.