Experience secure and dependable cloud hosting services from a top web hosting service provider.

We offer high performance cloud hosting services that you can setup in just instantly, and start deploying your web applications and websites. Our scalable cloud solutions allow you easily alter them to grow with your business. Our globally located servers offer great accessibility speeds to all your clients no matter where they access your cloud from. Our managed support allows you to focus on your business, while we perform all maintenance tasks. Thus with no major investment, you can get your entire IT infrastructure in the cloud, allowing employees from different locations to access it easily. Also you save money by not investing in IT personnel or hardware. Our servers support all major web programming languages, so you can run all your favorite scripts without worrying about compatibility issues.

Our Key Features:

  • Our world-class load balancing technology is used across our cloud servers, to distribute workload and prevent overload, thus greatly improving performance.
  • We use RAID storage arrays and offer advanced data recovery options that can quickly recover lost data, or wrongfully data deleted.
  • With our fully managed services, we perform 24x7 server monitoring and management which helps you focus on your business, while we take care of all the tedious tasks, and optimize your web space.
  • We guarantee 99.9% network uptime, which ensures that your web applications and websites are available and accessible to your clients, whenever they need them.
  • 24x7 skilled technical support to assist you at any time you need help.

Our cloud technologies allow you to develop your applications, cloud compute, data services, storage, etc. You get instant provisioning and complete control for your web space from your control panel. Our cloud hosting services gives you better convenience, security and performance at lower costs. The advantage of using cloud services, is that you’re charged only for what you use.

We use high performance cloud virtualization technologies including Xen and VMware to offer great performance on our cloud services. Our skilled technical service agents are available 24x7 via phone, email and chat to serve you whenever you require assistance. Please connect with us today to get more information on our features and services, or to get help with choosing the right hosting options for yourself. You can to view our top cloud hosting packages.