We are a leading web hosting solutions provider in India who offer the best dedicated SMTP email server for bulk emails.

An SMTP server is a standard email server for transmitting emails across the internet. Therefore, to send bulk emails you will require an SMTP server. We provide dedicated SMTP servers in India to each of our bulk email customers, meaning that an entire server is dedicated for your purposes alone. Your server will communicate directly to your clients via the SMTP network on the internet. When you send emails from your dedicated server, those emails are sent via the SMTP protocol over the internet, across many other servers, before it reaches your client. You can use bulk email services to send information to all your customers, notify customers of marketing promotions, provide opt-in services, and many other options.

We provide a wide range of bulk email tools along with our package. You get email templates that allow you to customize or create new templates and use them to easily send emails with little effort. You get a remote control panel from which you can view, manage and use bulk email services easily. We include tools that help optimize and personalize your emails with your own brand identity. You can also schedule emails for a later delivery date, for automatic delivery. We use a Centralized Data Base Management system and automatic bounce processing to give you the best bulk email services in India.

You can truly send an unlimited number of emails per day to your clients, but cannot misuse this for spamming accounts. If you do, your account will be banned. This is in accordance with international rules and followed by all the major email service providers like Outlook, Google, Yahoo, etc.  Our dedicated customer service agents in India are available 24x7, via chat, phone or email to assist you at any time. Connect with us today to get more information on our features and services or get assistance with choosing the right service for your business. Please to view all our bulk email plans in India.

Our Key Features:

  • Send unlimited emails per day to as many clients as you wish.
  • SMTP API with full HTML support.
  • We provide a wide range of tools for tracking and checking email delivery service to reduce bounce ratio.
  • Instant activation with no setup fees, hidden costs or additional charges.
  • 24x7 dedicated customer support to assist you with all your needs.