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Web hosting allows you to rent server space, and store your website content in order to be able to serve anyone over the internet. As one of the top web hosting companies in India we offer cheap, reliable and secure web hosting and domain name registration services to all our clients. Your domain name is your online address and is the name your customers have to remember and use to access your website. Hence getting the best website name is a crucial decision, and we offer a free domain name search tool to help you find the best name available and register it before anyone else does. You can choose between Linux and Windows web hosting platforms to get the hosting that suit your needs.

You get complete administrative access to your web space from your control panel to monitor, manage and maintain your web space, from any device with an internet connection. You get fast performance, reliable hosting and depending services at low rates that other hosting companies cannot match.

Our Key Features:

  • We offer rock solid security features including customizable firewalls, antivirus, antispam, malware and DDoS protection, to safeguard your web space and keep unwanted intruders at bay.
  • We use the latest server and networking hardware including multi-core Intel Xeon processors and SSD hard disks, to offer super-fast performance at all times.
  • We provide free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and submission services with your web hosting package, to rank your website higher in search results and drive more web traffic your way.
  • 24x7 responsive customer care to serve you at any time you need help.
  • We guarantee 99.99% network uptime which ensures that your websites and web applications are always accessible to your visitors when they need them.

Our web hosting plans are completely flexible and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Your account is instantly activated and you can get hosting right away. Our responsive customer service agents in India are available 24x7 via chat, phone or email to aid you whenever you require assistance. Talk to us today to get more information on our features and services, or to get help with choosing the right hosting options for yourself. Please to view our best web hosting plans in India.