Dedicated virtual server hosting with complete control and functionality to meet all your scalability needs.

Our Linux and Windows VPS hosting packages provide an ideal bridge between dedicated servers and shared web hosting. Our packages are flexible meaning they can be completely customized to meet your exact needs. You can even alter them mid-service to meet your scaling business needs. This is most ideal for businesses but also for individuals who want to start small and improve services when your website(s) grow. You get full root access to completely customize your hosting environment with virtually anything including installing advanced software and configuring your operating system, just like you would with a dedicated server hosting service, but at much lower rates.

Our Key Features:

  • Your account is activated Instantly, with no setup fees, hidden costs or additional charges.
  • We offer free cPanel and Plesk control panels for Linux and Windows servers respectively, that allow you to control and manage your server from any remote location.
  • Our 99.9% network uptime guarantee ensures your websites and web applications are always available and accessible to your visitors.
  • 24x7 dedicated technical support to assist you whenever you need help.

Manage your Linux and Windows virtual servers with free cPanel and Plesk control panels from any remote location. Perform powerful and tedious tasks from within them, with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Our virtual servers support all the popular web programming languages like MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, CGI, Ruby (on Rails), and much more. With tons of free features including free apps, scripts and programs to easily create, manage and maintain your websites, we provide the best value VPS hosting services you’ll find anywhere.

With servers in multiple geographic locations, your visitors get the best experience no matter where they’re located. Our virtual server hosting packages provide flexibility, super-fast performance, best-in-class quality and reliability, all at low, affordable rates. Our dedicated technical service agents are available 24x7 via chat, email and phone, to serve you at any time you require assistance. Please connect with us to get more information on our virtual server hosting features and services, or to get assistance with choosing the right options for your hosting needs. You can to view our top virtual server hosting pacakages.