We explain Shared vs VPS vs Dedicated web hosting for you to choose from.

Shared web hosting means you share server resources (HDD, CPU, RAM, etc.) with other users on the same server. You’ll have your own segregated space, which usually means other users won’t be able to see your files. The main advantage of shared web hosting is because all users contribute towards the cost of sharing the server, you get the cheapest web hosting option. Unfortunately, the downside is longer with slower, sluggish web performance, lack of control to manage your web space, etc. Shared hosting is recommended for blogging websites or basic websites with static web pages.

VPS – Virtual Private Servers, offers more control and better performance than shared hosting at slightly higher costs. A single physical server can be separated into multiple virtual servers, through a process called virtualization. There are lots of virtualization software options available. Our virtualization software provides the best performance with the technology we use. These virtual servers are completely isolated from other users, and you get complete control to manage your web space, including customizing the operating system. VPS is recommended to small businesses and for those who want to host multiple websites. A dedicated server offers the most expensive web hosting at the best performance, as an entire server is dedicated for you. Dedicated severs are recommended for medium and large business and for high traffic websites.

Our Key Features:

  • Latest server and networking hardware, including multi-core Intel Xeon processors and SSD hard disks, to offer blazing-fast performance at all times.
  • We include over 250+ scripts, apps and programs including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, ZenCart, etc., to help you create, design, manage and maintain your websites.
  • 24x7 dedicated customer care to serve you any time you require assistance.
  • 30-day money back guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction.

VPS web hosting provides an ideal balance of features to cost ratio. Although we don’t recommend it for everyone, we recommend it for most users. Our dedicated customer service agents are available 24x7 via phone, chat and email to assist you whenever you need help. Connect with us today to get more information on our services and features or to get assistance with choosing the right option for your business. Please to view our shared, VPS and dedicated hosting plans.