Find out the difference between shared hosting vs reseller hosting.

We’re constantly being asked what the difference between shared hosting vs reseller hosting is, so we’re writing this article to educate you on their similarities and differences. Shared web hosting plans are designed with the purpose of having a single subscriber using it. It is primarily designed for each subscriber to host a single website, although you can host multiple websites using add-on domains. Shared hosting is ideal for a blogging website or for a small business website, among other uses. Add-on domains are subdirectories under your shared hosting primary account with DNS maps pointing to them. Although you can host multiple websites using this method, there are security and performance issues, that make it unattractive to doing so.

Reseller hosting may seem similar to shared web hosting, but the major difference being that it’s designed for multiple clients to use them. A single reseller hosting account will include a WHM (Web Host Manager) control panel, that a single subscriber can use to manage multiple clients, each with individual services. So you could say that they are multiple shared accounts under a single reseller account. You can provide each of your clients with their own control panel, web hosting services and resources, etc. Reseller web hosting is ideal if you’re looking to establish your own web hosting company, or a web developer or anyone who has the need to host multiple websites.

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