Get Premier Cloud Service hosting at cheap rates offered nowhere else!Cloud service holds all your data online and is made available via the internet to any location at any time. Physical storage devices can crash or malfunction sometimes causing data loss, but your data stored on the cloud is secure and always available. Our Cloud service is protected with industry best firewalls for data security and runs on the latest version software to offer blazing fast speeds.We provide Linux and Windows based cloud services in India and made available all over the world. Our Flexible customizable plans are make ideal choices for most businesses. Our servers are constantly monitored by our technical experts for any performance, security or downtime issues and rectified instantly if found. We perform automated data backups with remote backups to safeguard from physical dangers like fire, etc.

Key Features:

  • Industry leading Datacenters based in the U.S
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Preloaded OS and software with regular maintenance and updates
  • 24x7 sever monitoring and maintenance
  • Antivirus, anti-SPAM and firewall security features
  • RAID based backup with remote backup for fault management services
  • CDN Support
  • Best-in-class Enterprise Grade Servers
  • 24x7 Customer response team

We know that every business has unique needs and hence provide cloud server solutions with a variety of choices tailored for different workloads. We offer servers with proven virtualization capabilities. Cloud based storage is cost driven and therefore, consolidating system setup i.e. storage, networking devices etc., will provide the desired result with improved utilization, productivity and performance of cloud server. Our Servers are software administered with automated tasks and programs, to help focus on server improvements and customer support.

When different client-sites access server resources at the same time, our cloud structure automatically makes decisions, and prioritizes resources, which helps when multiple requests compete for the same resources - then those demands can be addressed instantly. Give simplicity and security to your business website; you can choose from flexible server and storage options depending on your business strategy. Cloud services are no longer merely for online services but are considered growth engines for businesses.Join our thousands of clients worldwide, become one today!!!