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We’re a leading hosting service provider in India that offers cloud computing services at low rates and unmatched features, to help you increase your productivity, keep costs low and access your data, at any time required. We use the latest server hardware and hosting technologies to offer the best performance to all our clients. Our vast experience as a top hosting service provider, offering a wide range of hosting services to customers from all across the globe, allows us to keep costs low. You get the power of the cloud at your fingertips, with our flexible cloud computing services. With our fully managed services, we take of all the tedious tasks including monitoring and managing your cloud space, to optimize performance, which allows you to focus on your business.

Our Key Features:

  • We use the latest server hardware and networking devices including multi-core Intel Xeon processors and SSD hard drives, to give you blazing fast performance at all times.
  • You get free c-Panel and Plesk control panels with your Linux and Windows web hosting plans that allows you to manage, monitor and maintain your web space from any remote location.
  • We provide loads of unlimited features including unlimited web space, email accounts, monthly data traffic, databases, etc., to offer scalability for your growing needs.
  • 24x7 responsive customer service to assist you whenever you need help.
  • We offer a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our globally located servers offer blazing fast accessibility speeds to all visitors, no matter where they access your cloud services from. We provide web hosting on both Windows and Linux hosting platforms, so you can choose the hosting you require. You can have your entire IT infrastructure in the cloud, with a pay-as-you-use service, that allows you to easily alter your services on-the-fly.

With high uptime, reliable security, powerful performance and dependable services you get the best cloud computing experience at cheap rates. Our responsive customer service agents in India are available 24x7 via phone, chat and email to serve you at any time you require assistance. Connect with us today to get more information on our services and features, or to get help with choosing the right options for yourself. Please to view our top cloud computing plans in India.